Indonesian SMEs Accelerate Economic Recovery

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Media – 13 October 2021 – The pandemic started a global crisis which ravaged economies and businesses around the world. It has certainly brought everything to a standstill and forced SMEs in Indonesia to adapt and change their business plan and strategy to survive.

Indonesian SMEs form the backbone of the nation’s economy and contribute largely towards the nation’s GDP as well as the employment market. Despite the massive hit it took, Indonesia is showing signs of recovery with business owners relying on resilient and agile planning to overcome the fog of uncertainty brought by the pandemic.

“When the pandemic started, no one expected the drastic effects it had on our livelihood and the implications it has to the economy. There were lots of uncertainties but 2021 is the year of hope and many of the winners here today have reaped the benefits of resilience and agile planning. With that tenacious spirit, Indonesia is well on track to return with a vengeance to spur the economy forward” said William Ng, group publisher and editor-in-chief of Business Media International and organizer of SME100 Awards.

The SME100 Awards serves as pinnacle of trust and a benchmark of reliability among business owners. Be it for business ventures or attracting investors and clients in both foreign and domestic markets alike, The SME 100 Awards has become the beacon of attention on all platforms across all industries.

Indonesia is one of the four ASEAN member states to organize SME100 Awards, after Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore.

SME100 Award Winners Indonesia:

A. Rachman

Organisasi Serikat Pers Republik Indonesia Bersertifikat assesor BNSP RI. Pengurus di KOWARI

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